Wednesday, 8 January 2014

hundred smiles

I blame Stuart Hay. He mentioned in his blog he had run 172miles in the 16 days of the festive season. Given the Heart of Midlothian run I realised I must have knocked out a few during that time. Turns out it was about 193. That made me realise there must be a big week in there somewhere. I had run every day in January (incl. 2 short races) and after Graham's run I was up to 77miles in 5 days. So I had 2 days to raise that to 100. I believe I have done a couple of 100mile weeks but it doesn't happen often.

Day 6 was the toughest: although my legs were remarkably ok the day after 40 I was feeling a bit jaded and the rain was on and off. I put on my earphones to block out the horrors and set off North through Leith Links to the Shore where I picked up the WoL path and headed South following the cycle path through Telford and Blackhall to where it drops back down to the WoL path, goes through the Dean Village and Stockbridge.

Having seen Emma do these 101 steps between sets of kettle bells I felt I had to do them.

The Water was high but the flood defences seemed to be working.

Well mostly.

I had moments of sprinting but was finding it hard to sustain and I would get distracted by stuff, take a few photos and find myself jogging. By the end I was ready to throw in the towel and resented the extra distance I was obliged to do through Pilrig Park just to make up the 10 miles.

This left me with 13+ for January 7th. I had to go and estimate a job in North Berwick so got off the train at Drem and did 7 into NB. 

The weather was much improved but the pavement-free road from the station is very unpleasant and the traffic quite busy, forcing me to run on the lumpy turf verges until I got to Dirleton. With relief I took the woods and dirt trail to the toilet block at Yellow Craigs. I slipped and put a glove and a knee in the mud. Said lots of bad words. Took a few selfies in the toilet while wiping mud off hand and knee. Went across the golf course in the last of the decent light.

After checking out the work had a few miles round NB and John Muir trails and when the Garmin said 14, I got the train home and added another mile down the road from Waverley. I wasn't absolutely sure of the benefits of all this rushing about – until tonight at club when I seemed to find an extra gear. Hopefully it will burn off some of the seasonal flab I have accumulated round my middle. Wintervals resumes tomorrow and Borders XC on Sunday.  

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