Monday, 26 February 2018

sunday club run

Sunday 18th Feb:
Since the weather was not going to be much use for taking pics and I was long overdue a Sunday outing with Bert's group, I cycled down to the quayside for 8.50 (no mean feat I tell you) and joined the lycra clad gang for a marathon training run out the Pencaitland cycle path. 

It makes a longer run pass more quickly with a bunch of folk and it was good to catch up with people I hadn't seen for a while. I have been guilty of not doing many Weds evenings with club as it is often almost impossible to cycle along to the prom for 6.50pm when there is a glass of wine in my hand.

first hill


Aileen and Ruth

What usually happens on the Sunday run is it starts at chatting pace then builds slowly until most have stopped longer conversations. After halfway there is a further pace increase until it turns into a race back to the start. However with different folk turning at different times, this was not quite the case today. I ended running with Neil and Craig until about 9miles (although they had done extra before we started to make longer runs). I had thought I would run 20 but didn't want to keep Bert waiting in the car park as he had my bag in the boot of his car. 

The return trip has the benefit of coming back downhill and that helps sustain the pace which wasn't too far off sub3 marathon pace. Craig is, like myself, doing Manchester. I came back via Carberry just for a change of scene. I always feel the last few miles of this route on the banks of the Esk and it was a relief to get back to the quayside. Lots of smiling faces and good cheer, just the thing for a gloomy Sunday in Feb. Must do some more of these. Great training.

18 miles (and there and back on the bike)

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