Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Ben again

I had responded to something on facebook connected to Ben Kemp the other day. He sent me a message asking what I was up to Sunday, expecting I would be busy with other stuff. I swept my arm across the other stuff table and said I'd be on the 11.33 train and go for a run with him around some North Berwick trails.

the 11.33 to North Berwick

we just had to let the rabbits out into the back garden first - very cute!

then it was off, heading west along the beach

glorious day for it though NOT warm

Ben had a set plan for about 7 or 8 miles but we were so busy chatting we ended up just following our noses and doing an approximate route along to Archerfields, then up over the golf courses and back via Dirleton and Yellowcraigs. 

Mary and I always stay on the coast away from golfers etc 
so this viewpoint was new to me

back onto the beach for last bit


I went back to Ben's for a quick drink and to check my phone. I had actually got a lift into NB from Mary who was interested in doing a 15~20miler but at her pace not Ben's/mine. We had parked beside Ben's place but she had headed out on the roads ahead of us. She had texted to let me know her knees were playing up and she had turned at Gullane, not making it as far as Aberlady. A call confirmed she was around Yellowcraigs and would be back soon. I set off to meet her which went more smoothly than expected and we ran back to the car after Mary had taken a medicinal paddle in the North Berwick water.

Mary takes a selfie while I fit her shoes and tie her laces

Really nice day for running. And great to catch up with Ben who I haven't been running with in ages. Great that he had the idea to get in touch and that I didn't have any other plans. He was in good spirits and is running several times a week (probably more miles per week than myself except in TB weeks). He did Chicago Marathon on limited training and just about survived. (Albeit 40mins+ south of a pb!) I should probably be encouraging him to sign up for more inadvisable things like that. So we can do more training runs like this. Great day out.

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