Monday, 26 February 2018

oh m g !

Last Tuesday was the best news. Michael G got in touch to let me know that he had got the ALL CLEAR from the cancer that had spread to his lung. He had gone through a few weeks of very grim chemo around the turn of the year - that would be why you have seen nothing of him - and is now back running and keen to build up strength after what was a tough time out.

Not that he was complaining. Far from it. He was praising the doctors and staff that he came in contact with, and feeling blessed that he wasn't as badly off as many folk he bumped into on the ward, and the childrens' ward next door. Ten-year-olds with cancer. Doesn't bear thinking about. (So next time you are feeling sorry for yourself...!) Yikes. 

We went for a walk to Cramond Island. Not as sunny as forecast but a great day for obvious reasons. Too busy talking about running and stuff and I wasn't really focussed on taking pics. I did keep half an eye on the time though as a surprising amount of people get stranded every year! There is a website you can check. It said to be back on the mainland by 2.15 but I reckoned they gave at least 30mins extra, just for the idiots. It worked and we didn't get stranded. 

We then went for a wee run round the parkrun course. Michael has done a couple of parkruns and is down a few minutes on his previous, naturally, but quickly progressing back towards his usual pace. I hadn't understood the severity of his treatment: because he is young and fit I think they gave him both barrels and there were side effects like bruised fingernails just from the impact. And he was having his hearing tested to make sure there wasn't damage. Sort of like being hit by a truck. But he is back. And smiling. And looking forwards to his hair growing back in. Top man!

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