Monday, 26 February 2018


It was a sunny Wednesday and I had finished a job on Tuesday, so we went for a run down to Gullane. Why not? The crocuses were out on Leith Links and everything was looking pretty groovy.

Teal at Aberlady

Marl Loch

I was still hankering after the idea that one or 2 misguided butterflies might brave the cold to brighten my day but alas there was no sign. Earliest last year was early March and then nothing till end of March so it is unlikely, but I heard someone spotted one at Cove, so there are possibly one or two about. Just not here.

amazing weather again!

surfing the subs


The original plan had been to run to NB but by Yellowcraigs we were ready to turn around, so took the path inland and ran back nearer the road.

Mary stopped for a stretch - her legs have been improving.



those burrs again


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