Sunday, 28 May 2017

summer sessions

Well Summer arrived this week and lasted at least 3 days. Like the sun I have been out and about too. A couple of days no running after the marathon although plenty bike miles; 12 to work and 12 home from a painting job beyond Balerno and with quite a hectic altitude profile. Then on Wednesday, I fought the mara-lassitude and shuffled up to Clubbo. I was so fatigued on the way up the road I accepted a lift from Fen Fen who was idling at the lights. I thought I might have to shuffle back home but somehow managed to get the legs ticking over and did a decent workout with Craig's group 20mins out the Innocent Railway and 20 back. Legs weren't too bad; I think the daily bike commute had ironed out some of the aches.

It probably helped that several folk on Wednesday were saving their legs for EMF activities this weekend and so I wasn't left trailing behind. Thursday's bike-commute suffered but with the sun blasting down I was inspired to go along to Carnethy intervals in Holyrood. As Jim H wrote on the weekly invite... "Sunshine! If you're not on Arthur's Seat tonight, then you need to start questioning what you're doing with your life." I have checked the team photo below and hard as I try, I can't see Jim's smiling face. Last weekend he had a big task, running the Scottish Islands Peaks Race in a pair with Graham N which is quite a bit of pressure. Glad to see they survived the 60 hilly miles, and even seemed to enjoy it, though no explanation has been forthcoming about the picture of a pat of butter. Probably something nautical.

the gorsaromas and insects were filling the air 

Gio was spotted on a far horizon
legging it up towards the summit like a flippin' gazelle

Fergus keeps us on our toes by inventing a different torture each week. This time we did the broad grass path from Dunsapie towards the summit. Two 4 minute reps to warm us up, though we were already sweating from the run to Dunsapie. I find the long reps worst so was glad to get them out the way. There was a family group picnicking around the 2minute mark and I tried not to drip too near them. It was a fabulous evening for a picnic. It's never really a fabulous evening for intervals but it crams about 2 hrs of training into 40minutes so is a lazy person's answer to run-improvement. 

The dazzle was an extra bonus this week. Heading up the hill we were blinded by the sun. After the first 2 laps we dropped to 2 minute reps which should have been half the pain, twice as easy. Oddly they weren't. I think the pace might have been increased since it was now so easy. If you think 2 minutes is hardly any time at all, boil the kettle and put your hand in for this long. 

Fergus - his fault.

soaked shirt, fly in corner of eye, temperature and heart rate dangerously high.

lovely evening for a picnic

Was it three 2 minute reps? Then four one minute reps. Hardly worth bothering with the 30 second reps. Mind you time seems to stretch as you look at your watch and it says you still have 12 seconds of joy before you can stop. You run on, past a bright eyed baby who is taking it all in and can't quite work out why running up a steep hill is better than a picnic. It's not. But it does make your dinner taste amazing when (if) you get home afterwards. Still 6 seconds to go. How can that be?

Fergus relented and let us off with just three times 30secs. It should have been 5 but we were all melting. One dude I was running behind, I could see the water running out him down his arms and dripping off his fingers. I lost about a stone in fluids. I took a team photo at Fergus' request and then he took one with me in it both of which I have combined below but due to him being taller and holding the camera at a different height there are inconsistencies of car and kerb and third person in from the right. Anyway we are all there* apart from Jim who is probably back in his office questioning his life choices. 

*Also Eóin didn't do the session despite being in the photo at the start. He had also done the SIPR and was still recovering. The jog home is always a pleasure after such an intense session. In fact pretty much anything and everything is a pleasure by comparison. And there is the anticipation of the bottle of water in the fridge. Must remember to pump the tyres up and try to pb the cycle commute. Best way to pass the hour it takes cycling out to Balerno and continuing out the West Lanark Road. Which in turn makes the sandwiches at lunchtime taste great. And when my head touches the pillow at night I am out cold in about 10 seconds. Hope the Summer lasts!

What a night!

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