Tuesday, 2 May 2017

(nothing but) flowers

MUCH better weather on Sunday. Now that would have been the day to do a long distance run. However we did manage 11 which is more than usual. The sun was out and so were ALL the flowers. We ran in the opposite direction since the wind was blowing from the East. (Threatening to stay like that for E2NB as well. Third year in a row!) Along to Yellowcraigs and outskirts of NB through the woods and inland to get wind cover then on to the beach to return with the wind behind. 

Haven't had a toilet selfie for a while.

given yesterday's 20 miles in the legs this is how some of us felt

I announced I was going to win this week's bee off.
Shortly after taking a couple of photos of bees.

The wild garlic was all over the place and we spent
a while crouching near Dirleton (church in background) admiring it

Lysander House

more toilet selfies

Between Yellowcraigs and NB there is this part of the JMW which the farmer has routed diagonally across his field. I was keen to run this yellow gauntlet as he has planted it with rapeseed, and it didn't disappoint. It was an ecstasy of yellow and the visual and aromatic immersion was exactly the sort of thing installation artists try to emulate but rarely come close. This was the best art I've run through in ages. Of course if you suffer from Stuart Hay fever it would be a bit of a yellow nightmare. Undoubted highlight of the run. Highly recommended - do try and catch this attraction while it is in the gallery. I got a bit overexcited. There is video but it's a bit shoogly. Just so yellow! Amazeballs!

windy on the beach

Met Dr. Neil and Harry (and was it Gary?) running in the wrong direction. 

Garmins off for a chat.

These 2 had to turn around when they got to the beach drop-in spot.

The beach at Archerfields has rocks with words.
Today it seemed to be Edinburgh football teams. Above: Hibernian


Back through the woods. Then back home. 
Nice 11 miles. Nice to see the sun again.

the East Lothian dolphin 

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