Thursday, 18 May 2017

Lomonds catch up

photo Ian

Last Saturday we had a date in the Lomonds with Emma and Ian, our US based pals, who were visiting Emma's relatives in Scotland. It was great fun and although we ran something like 11 miles it just felt like 4 or 5, and about half an hour due to all the chatting. Great to see you both and meet your kids for the first time!

It's a while since we have been in the Lomonds and we did the edited highlights of roughly the Devil's Burden route. Starting with this lovely trail that climbs moderately, easing you into the hills. It was a pity that we picked a day of low cloud since there has been so many blue sky days of late, but it didn't dampen spirits or stop anyone blethering 10 to the dozen.

Admiring the rocky outcrop of John Knox's pulpit

It is a long time since I have felt compelled to organise a team for the Devil's Burden. Lots of half remembered places and change over points. Ian and I did the long third section once, in white-out blizzard conditions which was an experience, and I was very glad of his familiarity with the route as I had been sure the course went off exactly 90' to the proper route. I think the reason I lost interest in the D's B was doing the long section twice with Gareth G when he was SO much stronger than myself. 

photo Ian

Normally I'd suggest folk don't use their phones as cameras. The compromise in trying to contain 2 different tools in one (thin) shell usually makes for poor quality results. However Ian was using his phone and it seems to have produced very good results; the exception proving the rule? He was claiming it's his unnaturally long arms makes for good selfies. 

photo Ian

photo Ian

A splendid day out and very nice to catch up. 

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