Sunday, 17 April 2016


35 mile sandwich pt2
Only oops I mixed up last Friday's run (sandwich pt1) with Sunday. It was Sunday when we ran around Gullane and Yellow Craigs and the tide was high. On Friday (a week past yesterday) we ran a tough 15 miler along to the lagoons at Musselburgh and back. It was a bit grey and a bit dull. This is the danger of not blogging soon after doing the runs. The Lagoons run was 15 miles (then on Saturday I did the AJMW 35) and then on Sunday the (already blogged) Yellow Craigs 12.6 miler. Obvs it all took its toll and I lost the plot. Here then are some photos from the Lagoons 15 miler. There was no chat allowed - I was told to shut up early on by she who must be obeyed.

Someone has set up camp near to fragrant Seafield.
While it was never a picturesque corner of the seafront they have not improved it visually.

never mind the bollards

a brief glimpse of blue sky

bad weather settling in

and back home

both in new Hokas.
Prefer Mary's colours but at least I was able to get new Challengers 2 in moderate tones. And just about enough time to break them in before ultra on 23rd.

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