Monday, 4 April 2016


John Muir training. 
We weren't really thinking of this as specific training for the JMW ultra on the 23rd but it was part of the process for upping Mary's mileage for that and the more distant marathon in July. Mary has done an excellent job of extending her longest runs from half marathon up to 26 miles by adding a handful of miles each weekend to her longest distance while avoiding the worst effects usually associated with too rapid a jump in mileage. (ie you twang your weakest link, whether that is an achilles or an IT band.)

new Hokas for Mary

new pavement for Gullane~Archerfields

haring along

haring along

Saturday was the designated recovery run, and Sunday the LSD, somewhat back to front but it worked well. Mary often takes time to recover from the working week so we decided to do (was it 8 miles?) a shorter run on Saturday and the long run on Sunday. We bribed ourselves with a Falko's coffee and raisin brioche, wondering why the woman who serves us nearly every week shows no recognition from one visit to the next despite our slightly weird dress sense (sports kit).

We then set off down the handsomely re-furbed pavement heading out of Gullane on the N Berwick road until the gatehouse at Archerfields but taking the path through the woods along to Dirleton. There had been plenty of tree felling and (high on Falko's finest) we felt a photo shoot was required, given the newly sawn plinths. Mary swithered about climbing up the higher stump I am on, as did I, until I think M maybe suggested a real man would manage up there. One of these things that is far easier to do than undo and I will spare you the undignified descent, which M greatly enjoyed documenting.

now get down

M's plan was run along the woodland trails to Yellowcraigs then back along the coast to Gullane. The newish toilet block at Yellowcraigs is always good for a fairground mirror selfie.

It was quite an overcast day and while it was a fun run with plenty of mental chat and rabid ideas being bandied about, not much in the way of great photos. Such a difference from last Monday when the light was so much better and the clouds made the skyscapes spectacular. They are putting up a load of new builds opposite Fidra behind the green 7 foot fence. When we win the euromillions lottery we may buy one although it did raise the question of beach access; I mean would you really want to live there without direct access to the beach. Would the best way to get to the beach really be to drive 2 miles round to Yellowcraigs, park and walk half a mile? We discussed this (could be an important deal breaker) and various designs for swivelling ladders that allowed you to climb the fence but retrieve them afterwards. I think my best idea was for a shallow rotating tray under the fence. You know the way you pass envelopes under the counter at the post office or bank. Well that, but it would be a 6 foot wheel/tray centred on the fence line - you lie down on one side and spin round underneath, avoiding the risks of scaling the fence. The depth of the tray - or lack of - would deter (chubby) housebreakers, retaining the security of the gated community. 
Presumably when they finish the building work they will put some gates into the fence. Or maybe just take down the fence?

This might be Robin and pal kayaking. Or might not.

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