Saturday, 30 April 2016

dalmeny againy

With the wind blowing in from the west, the boss says we will get the train to Dalmeny and run back from there. Okay, so how do we both start and finish together AND both get a tough tempo tarmac work out ahead of next weekend's E2NB? Well, pay attention and I'll tell you.

It is fast becoming apparent that although rapid progress is being made on the third crossing of the Forth, the first and original, the rail crossing, will be far superior visually. In fact when you see the modern day bridge we are getting, made as it is out of drab concrete and spaghetti, you realise they spent all the budget on practicalities and NONE on wow factor. Even with our fancy pocket calculators these days we can't improve on (or come even close to matching) the old steel and red paint masterpiece that is admired the world over. I doubt I'd bother travelling 60 miles to see the new bridge. Great that we have it and can reduce using the middle one and avoid it falling to bits into the drink. 

And just because I haven't posted hundreds of photos of them doesn't mean I didn't take them. I try not to repeat myself. Anyway while I was standing admiring the Rail bridge and taking photos of it Mary was scampering along the riverside trails getting a bit of a lead over me. I then ran as fast as possible, overtook her, then, when no longer able to resist the lure of the surroundings, stopped to take more photos. I also ran along the shore paths whereas I imagine herself took the tarmac.

So in this manner we continually leap-frogged each other. Mary ran at a steady pace, I would run ahead then stand, steaming, taking photos and catching my breath, then after giving Mary another head start see if I could catch her up. Sometimes I would, other times I'd get distracted and take a few more photos. There was plenty to look at and the sun obliged now and then. I had said to M that we'd meet up at Cramond if we were parted for a bit. It wasn't that she didn't give a hoot; more that she would rather I didn't spend the whole run nearby chatting and putting her off her pace. I ran on as we got closer to the Almond. I had the end of an oldish loaf I wanted to feed to the duckies at Cramond. The black headed gulls there will take bread from your hand on the wing and it is fun to video them doing this. But Mary has a limited enthusiasm for this and so I intended to arrive early and let Mary pass before again giving chase.

Barnbougle Castle

So I legged it down the Almond and stopped just up from the flagpole at the estuary, near the ice cream van. The tide was quite low leaving a sandbank below the wall and esplanade. No black headed gulls. Oh well, I'm not taking that bread home. So I got it out and began to throw it over the small wall. A gang of maybe a dozen mallards appeared and took advantage of the lack of gulls and swans. They also proved surprisingly adept at flying up and climbing the wall since the wind was stranding breadcrumbs near where I was standing. After luring them in I got the camera out and took way too many photos. Unfortunately the sun wasn't out and most of the photos aren't great. Mary showed up, had a breather and a rake around in my back pack to see what else I had for birds to eat; ate some, then let me know she was off again. I gave her 5 minutes while I said goodbye to my feathered friends then set off with stiff legs (16min break) in pursuit.

cliff climber

at last the sun comes out

After quite a bit of the park run I eventually caught up with Mary, then stopped to take photos at the other end of the esplanade while M went past. I had meant to suggest a trip to Cramond Island since the tide seemed about right, but I forgot. Next time. Maybe that's where the black-headed gulls were?

Another Thunderbirds set.

nearly home

The Sea Cadets: endless fun and high jinks

They've finally widened and fixed this part of the road.

map and stats

Quite tough for 13.18 miles. How the hell am I going to manage 20 next Saturday? And faster? A certain amount of the pace was lost stopping for photos which won't happen then but it will still be tough. I hate road runs.

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