Friday, 15 April 2016

35 mile sandwich (pt 1)

It has been a busy week and I have failed to blog any of last weekend's delights. And I have another busy weekend coming up, so we're going to have to rush this. The 35 mile sandwich was the Alternative John Muir 35 mile run on Saturday with a decent slice of bread either side. Starting with a 15 miler on Friday. 

Denney Kitfox Mk3

tearing up the countryside

It was so long ago I can't remember much about this except Mary probably had the idea of running 15 miles and the weather looks pretty fab from the photos. I believe we fuelled up at Falko's then set off along the road to Dirleton before heading down to Yellowcraigs and turning left along to Gullane. I think we waited until the latter part of the afternoon as the weather was better then.

the lighthouse at Fidra flying a kite

Mary felt the horizon looked like an unlikely line between the sea and sky.
I'm still not sure what she meant but it was very blue on blue.

As we progressed the light just got better and better. I held back, possibly taking photos of Fidra or just monkeying about while M pressed on. As we came off the grassy trails beyond Archerfields Mary ran towards a sea glistening white, reflecting the sun. The glare all but blocked out the camera screen and I took lots of shots practically blind. 

A combination of coffee and superb weather got us a bit hyped and by the performance area Mary felt we deserved a rendition of Evita. I felt the best view point was from quite a distance.

ghostly ship

really high tide
the water was pretty much maxxed up Aberlady beach

nice flask

swallows / swifts

Evidence of global warming this iceberg had all but melted leaving only a diminished impression of a Polar Bear. (Below.) Note how high the tide is. The Polar Bear got its paws a bit damp doing an Emma Barclay (misjudging the incoming waves.)

all the ice is melting - just like that

I still can't explain how the beach is falling and the horizon is rising.

back across the footbridge to enchantment

I love this time of the year when everything is just about to explode with life 
- the whole summer ahead and days getting longer.

Very surprised when Mrs Mary suggested a trip to Gullane Superfry. Luckily I got 2 x small chips (ask for everything - salt, vinegar AND brown sauce,) which were huge. And wonderful. Saw a chap leaving the Superfry with a 16" pizza AND a large bag of chips. You hope that was for a family of 4.

On the way home we stopped at Tescos where there is a CoinStar, and cashed in a large jar of loose change needing emptying. I've linked loose change because the Urban Dictionary has a charming definition for it (number 1) and actually mentions CoinStar in definition 2. So we got our second tea for free.

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