Thursday, 30 July 2015

tour of fife day1

photo Harry Mitchell / John Mill

Day 1
The St Andrews Beach race. Always a bit of a slog out and back on the sands of St Andrews. This year the sand was firm but the wind was blowing. In the right direction (helping us on the return) but still blowy. 

Nick and Willie warming up.

Michael and St. Andrew

Nick gave me a lift up the road. I managed to discourage him from arriving before the organisers and we made it in plenty time for a good warm up along the beach. The sand for the most part was firm and allowed for 6min/miling except at the far end where we jogged through soft and sinky terrain round the markers and marshals before heading back along the 2 miles of endless beach to the finish. Initially I managed to keep up with the 2nd group of runners with Michael, myself and Nick taking turns to act as wind break out front. But by the turn it was everyone for themselves and by half way home I was flagging. First one then another 3 including Michael, went past. However given the lack of proper running in the last couple of weeks due to Lyme Disease I was pleased enough and only about 30 or 40 seconds down on last years time.

I had thought I was pretty much over the tick problems but after a busy weekend I felt wiped out again on Monday and Tuesday. And this was my excuse for not doing the traditional dook in the sea after a warm down of another couple of miles. I feel I shouldn't be overdoing it at the moment (hoping to get away with the 5 races in 5 days) so just stood about taking photos while Michael and Nick jumped into the grey and rather uninviting sea. Saving myself for Day 2 and the Hill of Tarvit.

It was a shame not to get the usual spectacular skies and sunset over the beach but hopefully the weather is picking up for tomorrow (although looking bad for the weekend). Big thanks to all the organisers who make this event possible and work hard to get results and photos posted nightly. 

Video of finish line here

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