Friday, 24 July 2015

east lothian comes to Porty

East Lothian Summer Series: Portobello
I was impressed Mark threw Porty's hat in the ring and volunteered to put on a Porty leg of the ELSS. I really enjoyed the informality of the previous leg at Longniddry. It had a very casual air; more like a club meet or training run than a formal race, but still with a fair bit of serious competition. And yet due attention was paid to handing out numbers, taking details and making note of results.

I went along to help out and volunteered for lead bike. The slightly chill wind was probably a godsend as otherwise the Prom could have been heaving with people at cafes and walking dogs (getting in the way!). I hardly had to ring my bell at anyone. I wanted to support the series because I thought it was bold of Mark to get involved. It forms links with other clubs and is only fair that Porty takes a share of the organising as there are quite a few PRCers taking part in the series. Unfortunately the PRC committee weren't quick enough or maybe weren't given enough time to realise the benefit of being involved with the series this year and so Mark wasn't able to have the club officially back (sponsor) his efforts. (Happily his crew of EH15 runners came up trumps with refreshments for afterwards.) But there is plenty time to get this voted on and sorted for next year. And perhaps we can put our heads together and look at the potential for more scenic or interesting routes. Although if you don't train on the Prom every Wednesday as Porty do in the Winter, then perhaps it's not the worst place on a sunny Thursday. The road runners appeared to enjoy it, and it seemed to be a great success.

Ali Wilson led from the gun

I cycled to Kings Road, although as I said not much pedestrian traffic to warn, in front of the field. I then took some photos before cycling back to the start/finish where I set up the G3 to video the finish. (In case of any result difficulties it wouldn't hurt to have the end recorded.) I took some still photos as well. In turning on and off the filming I probably missed a handful of folk, my apologies. It was a glorious evening for running (and taking photos) although the returning runners had the sun behind them which made it tricky to get decent photos at this end of the prom. I put the G3 at the opposite side of the road out the glare and was amused by the number of folk still intent on standing right in front of it. About 40 minutes and everyone was over the line. Job done - excellent work Mark and the girls you coach, you made it look so easy and everyone seemed to be having fun. Proud of Porty getting involved and taking part in a great fun, small scale, very good value series. Thanks to the Dalriada again, though they can't be getting a huge return from such a sober set of customers.

first: Ali Wilson

second: David Woods

third: Nick Williamson

first lady: Megan W

the Dalriada

ps: I was touched by all the kind wishes and get-well-soons after the tick incident. I felt well enough to run on Thursday but decided to help out because it was happening on my patch, but also just to take another day to get back to full health. It was interesting to hear many folk tell their Lyme Disease tales and how widespread, if slightly underground, it is. I seem to have been so busy I haven't managed a run all week but intend to sort this out over the weekend. (Possibly running in long grass in East Lothian. But I'll be checking my legs afterwards!)

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