Thursday, 16 July 2015

short run in the pentlands

Tuesday evening and I'd sort of forgotten I had book group at 8pm. However since I had planned to meet Lucy at 5pm and we wouldn't run for more than 2hrs there would be plenty of time to have a Glaswegian Shower, (wet wipes in the pannier bag), change in the car park and cycle to book group. I made sure I was plenty early - last time I was running late and had to race the bike across town - largely up hill - to Bonaly Car Park arriving drenched and puffing, after the hour. This time I was 10mins early and had all removable bike parts removed or padlocked. I like Bonaly as a starting point. Apart from the rather vertiginous start you are right into the Pentlands proper without preamble. 

Torduff was looking suspiciously green.

It was a lovely evening for it. I tried to remember where we had gone last time. Along past the reservoirs and then who knows? We did similar this time as well maybe although I was so busy blethering again I'm not absolutely certain. Mostly low level stuff then up to Maidens Cleugh via Bell's Hill and back along the traverse this side of Harbour Hill to Bonaly. Again about 90 mins. Lots of chat and laughs. The running flew past. Really very pleasant!

I was glad I'd forgotten about Book Group or I might not have felt there was time or energy to squeeze in a run before, but of course there was plenty of both. Lucy headed off and as I tried to strip off and shower in the car park several cars turned up and I loitered with intent while 4 young people, 2 girls, 2 boys were dropped off and made their way boldly into the wild to camp ovenight with the midges. One of the girls was dragging a wheeled hard-shell hand-luggage type trolley bag. Once they were gone I stood nearly-naked wiping myself with fragrance-free moist wipes before dressing in dry clothes and cycling to Craiglockhart Tesco's and buying a cold beer and a warm wine. I still had some time to kill before 8 so pootled along the canal. The light was so lovely I had to stop and take photos at the boathouse of the ducks bedding down on the opposite bank and some rowers coming off the canal. I was still 10mins early for book group. (Which was fabulous as ever, or was that just the beer and wine talking? Many thanks to Mary (and Matt) for hosting.)