Wednesday, 15 July 2015

K 10k

Thanks to Syd Woods for photo

Kelso 10k. 12/07/15
Signed up purely as this was a Porty club champs race. I felt I might have done this before but on reflection I think it was just some cross country at Floors. Noticing Mr. H from Dunbar was doing Crieff 10k (a race I'd rather have done) I thought I might get away with a more relaxed run. Then Michael informed me it was 4 to count for a team prize and I counted 4 faster PRCers. Oh well, filled myself full of caffeine and tied the laces tight.

photo: thanks Alex Corbett

David shot off quickly at the start. I was tempted to follow but then thought better of it and ducked in behind a couple of others as there was a headwind along the riverside to start with. I found myself beside Andy yet again and suspected we would play out a similar formula as we did at Longniddry. No sign of Michael and Dougie to begin with but I knew they would appear before long.

The course snaked around Floors Castle grounds. The trails and paths were reminiscent of Hopetoun House and Dalmeny Estate and as we went past the big hoose Andy and I had an in depth discussion on the architectural styles. OK that's an exaggeration. The Stave later poo-pooed my suggestion that Floors and Hopetoun are similar which is why I have put the 2 of them together in the above photo. My point would be they have a similar footprint/layout. His was that the ogival turrety stuff on the skyline of Floors bears little resemblance to the 18 Century (neo-classical?) Hopetoun facade. 

beginning to fade
photo: Syd Woods

Around 6k I could see something on the wall: writing. Michael F had long gone past and was overtaking Rab a good deal ahead. Dougie was breathing down my neck. I was struggling and had a couple of times dropped off the back of Andy but pushed back to draft him on the windy bits. He is SUCH a gentleman: he would look over both shoulders to see where I was before spitting to the other side. I forgot to say thanks till now! We turned the corner at 6k to be presented with a long gradual climb and Andy pulled off to the side and bent over holding his calf. I tried to encourage him but he had felt a ping and knew to continue would be to court disaster. I chased Dougie up the hill. I think that was the last place I dropped although I could feel a dude in blue shortening the distance between us. There were marshals at every turn and junction which was great as the course seemed to be doing figures of 8 round the same places. I was listening to the marshals applause to gauge the distance behind of the next runner. Although he seemed to be close he wasn't gaining and I finished without dropping further places.

photo JAC

Porty took the team prize and surprisingly I made the top four. I also won an age group prize. Top marks to organisers for a very well organised and friendly event. The course was interesting but not particularly fast. I was aiming for about a minute faster but the hill and trails made it impossible to hit that target. (I ran 37.20)

photo Alex Corbett

Nice to meet David's dad Syd who takes quality photos at the races. Mary had a reasonable run and collected 10 points for the club champs. She is enjoying returning to competitive mode after a couple of years absence. We drove back with Steve and Andrew S who was enjoying his birthday and keeping us entertained with all manner of nonsense. The short fast training will hopefully contribute to the Tour of Fife later in the season, to mention nothing of Musselburgh 10k. It's painful but it doesn't last long.

Not a very instinctive route, but well marshalled.

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