Saturday, 28 February 2015

grey day

dreaming of better

What a rubbish weekend. Grey skies and nothing for it but to hitch my wagon to Mary's run and follow her plan of getting some marathon training miles down the unsunny coast to NB and catching the train home. Neither of us in the finest mood, but welcome banter to pass the miles that would have been worse on my own. 

Today in story corner...

We caught the train to Musselburgh to miss the first few ugly miles out of town.

Now this logo is interesting - in that you don't see teeth on their own or in groups like this unless they have been extracted. And the 2 "female" teeth have smiles. Do they have teeth or are they just chips in the enamel? Am I over-analysing this logo? I see it every day on the way to work.

gutted: powerstation

and this lovely weather vane in the Pans

the glove tree in full bloom

Highlight of the day is that the Londis grocer at Aberlady has a NEW coffee machine that does mochaccino.  

at last - into NB.

Before we caught the train back to Edinburgh we called in at Ben and Alison's. Ben's folks and Alison were there. Ben wasn't because he is in the Royal Infirmary ICU. A week past Thursday he went in after suspected flu turned out to be pneumonia /septicemia and bad went to worse as he deteriorated and was put into a medically induced coma and onto a ventilator. Suddenly we were standing at the cliff edge and it was all like a very bad dream. Things seem to have stabilised but we are not out the woods yet and Alison has been keeping us up to date with texts sent out late at night after she returns home from often traumatic hospital visits. It puts everything in perspective. Fingers remain crossed and breath held until Ben is back home with Alison and the boys.

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