Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Borders Series XC #6: Dunbar

This was a pleasant low key race, particularly as the rivals in my age group were mostly absent or (being Dunbar runners) marshalling. So the pressure was off. I have done this route several times and enjoy the beach section, finding the return leg over the grassy dunes harder.

photo: James Addie

Barns Ness Lighthouse

Dessie and the Musselburghers. Congrats Dessie on a fantastic win.

photo Allan Brown:
This must have been early on as Charlotte went past and went WAY ahead!

photo James Addie

Thanks Bob for coming along to take photos!

Chasing Mr. Gilmore towards the end (no chance of catching him today.)
Photo James Addie

Photo James Addie

photo Brian Davidson

brown vests out in force

If it's any consolation Steph, I took a much worse photo of you than this!

Thanks for doing a better job of this one of me and Steve!

Sandy flies in.

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