Thursday, 5 February 2015

Kilmarnock Masters XC

I tired to wriggle out of this one midweek. Steve is crocked, I had a cold and Willie was coming back from a chest infection. However Willie and Shery were keen so there was nothing for it but to grit one's teeth and take a whipping from those I would normally be competing with. Oh joy.

"suitable for spikes"

women and older men ran first

On the upside the weather was good and the course was nice - perhaps a little too tame and suited the road runners more than the off-roaders. There was one bit with a little too much tarmac under the flyover that wasn't particularly suitable for spikes but the rest of the course was that rather tame edging round playing fields that has become the staple of the XC these days. However there were a couple of sploshy bits and a minor muddy bump or 2 that kept interest. Oh and another roady section that blunted your spikes. It was a toss up beforehand between spikes and studs. Steve, Willie and I all chose spikes as the majority was flat grass and the tarmac sections pretty brief (whatever is the opposite of tip-toeing, along the lumpy grassy edging while those in hill shoes romped past on the road.)

Alan sporting headband, shades, crop top and marigolds - nothing if not stylish!

About the only decent tactic I employed was starting moderately - I stayed behind Chris U (first in my age group and really good run considering he has a new daughter Flora, a week old!) and Colin F and watched uselessly as they increased their lead until I could no longer see them. Then as we went into lap 2 of 3 I felt wretched and a slew of runners went past. I tried to stick with Stuart Hay but he was going well and I drifted back off. It was all very depressing. There seemed little to be done and no reason for doing it. Very frustrating. I had to remind myself I was out of shape anyway and then on top of that I had a cold. There is no point in posting crappy race results when off form, especially not in a serious race. I should have stayed home or just done Forfar Half the following day which is more of a fun event. As it was I was too depressed by the masters to even contemplate racing Sunday especially with such an early start.

Shery was the only Porty pleased with their run.

photo Kate J: by this point I was stuffed.

photos Shery

For the last half mile I was aware of Ian chasing me down. I was surprised Willie hadn't come past by then but he was also having an off day. I think I had been cruising for a bit in gloomy self pitying mood, so Ian gave me a reason to lift the pace and try to stay ahead for the last stretch. It nearly killed me (thanks Ian!) but I suppose was better than just coasting over the line. It was not a good day out and I did not enjoy it. However I should say thanks to all involved in the organisation and marshalling etc. I seem to remember a cup of watery soup with flacid veg in the bottom and white bread afterwards but that was maybe coloured by my filthy mood. At least there were decent hot showers. 

And on the way home spirits were raised by the banter in the car (thanks Steve for driving and not complaining half as much as me, despite twice the reason to,) especially when Willie saw one of the photos Shery took. He appeared to be walking and asked Shery if it was taken before the race started. No, during! Largely a trick of the light: if you looked closer his leg below the knee was lifted and running but you couldn't really see it in the deep shadow and it looked like Willie was having a nice stroll round the course!

Not the best day out for PRC and we weren't able to defend our first v50 team prize from last year. I haven't even looked at the results but someone informs me we were 3rd v50 team, which is, I suppose, something.

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