Friday, 6 March 2015

sunday dash and splash

Usual story - Sunday dash and splash. 6 miler round Gullane / Aberlady then a dip. The weather was very mixed with the strong wind blowing sun and rain across the windscreen. Mostly sun for the run, quite a bit of sleety hail once we were into wetsuits although it was sunny again by the time we left the car park.

Mary's sister had suggested this having seen photos of us messing about on this bridge. It involved a gorilla pod to attach the camera to the rail. 

Having the gorilla pod we set up a self timed selfie. The idea was we had 10 secs to run towards the camera. So run away from the camera for about 5 then turn and run towards - but we got too close. Okay run away for 7 or 8 then turn and click - too far. You wouldn't believe how many times we took to get it right.

Edinburgh gets a downpour.

And back to the Berlingo to change for round 2.

Mary had a new song for the day...
"I'm an oyster-catcher, twisted oyster-catcher."

These are the photos out of Mary's waterproof camera

Me, far left at the horizon.

das boot

Taking the temperature.

About five in and out.

It started nice but all that cloud was heading our way and quickly it became lemon meringue pie-like. You can see the wind and sleety rain on the sand.

It had just about blown over by the time we left the beach.


  1. you always have the greatest photos! Thats some dang cold water...

  2. Brilliant photos and loads of fun taking them too nae doot!

  3. thank you Fiona and Fiona, x

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