Friday, 20 March 2015

run for the hills

I am taking a few days off work to regroup, to do some chores, to sort out quotes, a couple of wee jobs to iron out and to metaphorically and literally tidy my room. However if this Springtemps weather keeps it up I'll be doing a bit of running and not much else, and Gordon C's rather sweeping description "he's on holiday" may be not that wide of the mark. All of which meant I'd make club on Wednesday night for the first week in months. Great - a long overdue speed session and chance to catch up with pals.

Bonaly Reservoir 

Then Lucy texted and asked if I was up for a 4pm run in the Pentlands. The day was hazy but there was a definite whiff of Spring in the air. And could I really pass up a jolly in the hills in daylight, for a run along the prom in the dark? And I'd get to cycle to Bonaly before and after. 

The cycle turned into a race. I had thrown a few things into a backpack but couldn't find my running camera. I searched high and low while the minutes past and eventually realised I must have left it at Gordon's the night before. I eventually put the "big" camera into my pack and set off late hoping to make up the time by beating my Leith-to-Bonaly pb of 36 minutes to the car park there. Around 4.01 Lucy called and I wheezed back that I was just crossing the bypass and would be with her in 2 mins - possibly a pb but I forgot to check as L jogged down to meet me struggling up the steep last hundred yards to the car park.

In the hurry I had forgotten the garmin so don't have a map of where we went. Roughly down Phantom's Cleugh and back towards Maiden's Cleugh then off towards Torduff Res and a last extra hill climb to make it about 80 minutes of trails at a steady pace. We were so busy chatting and catching up I didn't really notice the exact route we took although it was very pleasant. Moreso than the photos suggest - the low light and haze not making for great images but giving a softness to the scenery that the harsh winds of late have been denying.

Maybe I'll make club next Wednesday.


  1. That seems worth missing club for!

  2. yes, but I must get back to Porty soon or they'll disown me.