Monday, 7 July 2014

porties in the pentlands


Great to see team Porty planning a Sunday run in the Pentlands. I went along and encouraged a more off road route than they initially had in mind but it is nice to get up high and get an overview of the hills and perhaps even consider the Pentland Skyline race in October (the 12th) which is a club champs race this year. 

Starting from Flotterstone we followed the southern ridge of high tops to Scald Law then dropped down towards the Howe and went round the back of Black Hill before climbing Bells Hill and heading back from Maiden's Cleugh to the road and back.
A bit over 10 miles. (The Skyline is 16 plus a few more hills.)

Turnhouse summit in under 23mins is good going.

Down off Carnethy and towards Scald Law the highest summit of the Pentlands at this side. 

Robbie left us to return to the road after Scald Law.

We headed towards the Kips but took a right down past the woods and on round the back of Black Hill.

Bring me Sunshine

Robbie heading home.

The weather was better than the forecast - warm and bright.

I think David was feeling the cycle to Flotterstone in his legs towards the end of the run.

Tough climb up Bells Hill. This is always a test in the Skyline as it comes 2/3rds of the way in after a lot of sharp climbs in the first half and legs are often a bit wobbly.

Robert was enjoying the terrain - we may have a convert, Bert.

Glencorse Reservoir was looking pretty low. Scottish Water were doing work at the east end.

A great run and morning in the hills. There will be plenty more Pentland runs for those thinking about entering the Skyline. The race takes about as long as a marathon (as long as your legs are hill fit.) Like a marathon you should put in about the same amount of training and preparation over hilly ground. Unlike a marathon it's £7 to enter! (Or £10 on the day.) Further details here

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