Friday, 18 July 2014

1 mile relays

I have only unpleasant memories of these events. It's not the organisation which is handled smoothly by our favourite Run-and-Becomers, nor even the course, which is flat although has too many corners to be really record breaking fast. It's the effort. I keep forgetting to train sufficiently at the short fast business, and as a result gaskets are nearly always blown and the effort required makes even 10k pace seem relaxed.

photo Steve

I probably wouldn't have gone along but Willie, Steve and I decided to revive the medal winning v50 team of Hawick xc triumph. I was feeling tired. And not really in the mood for 5 minutes of lung scorching top speed. As Steve and I did some strides to warm up, I pointed out the first corner and noting it was muddy said someone could have an accident on that if they weren't careful. Indeedy.

photo Steve

Pretty soon we set off and I could see Johnny just ahead. There were a couple of folk dodging around and I moved forward of them, over to the right giving me a wide swing across the first corner which I thought was a good strategy until I felt my left foot slide and I realised I was going down. I'm not sure quite how I managed it but I went down hard on my front (deploying airbag) and slapped the ground hard with both palms. Johnny and a couple of others asked was I okay without slowing, while I bounced up quickly, cursing. 

photo Steve
This was exactly 1.09 into the race. I know this because my tap-sensitive watch assumed I wished to record another lap. I looked down at my filthy and bloodied hands hoping the extra adrenalin would make up the lost time. Not a good start. By comparison the rest of the mile was incident free. I took back a few of the places I had dropped and could see Johnny just ahead. But I didn't have much in the tank and just cruised the remainder. I tried to lift the pace towards the end and did enough to ensure I wasn't overtaken by anyone but I didn't really have any va-va-voom, and was just glad I hadn't done more damage hitting the deck when I fell.
Here are some photos I took of the second and third laps.

Afterwards I was allowed to wash my hands in the pavilion. I managed to get most of the dirt out before they started to hurt.

photo Ian J

The medal winning v50 team doing it again.
photo Shery

I think I heard my time called as 5.13 - so no nearer to the elusive sub 5 than the last couple of times I ran this. Must do more speed work before the next mile. And less falling.

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  1. reminds me of after the Southside Six when Mary was dealing with your knee abrasian