Sunday, 27 July 2014

on track

wed 23rd July

Somebody arranged a discount track session at Meadowbank for the Porty crew which made an interesting change from the usual. Willie sacrificed his Wednesday evening run to coach us through a warm up and some intervals, with stretches to finish. It was such a splendid evening I took the camera.

The session was 400, 400, 200 with intervals of 45s, 45s and then 3 mins before the next set. Four sets. The idea was to find a pace suitable for the group and sustain it without racing flat out. For us it was between 72 and 82 secs for the 400s and I noticed the last 200 was 35s. Great workout on a different surface from normal. I wore spikes which cornered very well but I think next time I will try just flat racers which were more comfortable on the quite firm track. Thanks to Willie for leading the session, and whoever got us the discount. I think there was sufficient interest to have this as a regular Summer session.




Andrew has nailed that plank.

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