Friday, 18 July 2014

Gullane 5miles

Thursday 17th July
As an antidote to all that hurrying around and racing I stowed away on the back of Mary's kind offer of a lift to a 5 miler around Gullane. It seemed a long way to go for just 5 miles and earlier in the morning than I would have preferred but it left plenty of time for getting lots done with the rest of the day (and hill reps with the Carnethies at 7pm.) And it was the best part of the day weatherwise. Oh and we went in for a swim. I say swim but more of a plunge and a splash and a hundred yards of breast stroke. And not in wetsuits. It does give you a lift but also makes you hungry as a horse and feel like a snooze mid afternoon. I resisted the latter but fell asleep in front of the telly after summervals. Highly recommended.

For a change Mary led us along to the golf course and up past these ostentatious houses before going to the beach.

Iconic East Lothian landmark Cockenzie Power Station - could be on it's way out.

deer in the woods

I was saying to Mary that I usually failed to capture the essence of these woods in photos. She replied it was because I couldn't catch the piney smells and dappled light on my arm. I reckoned if I just stood still I would get better results in the low light.

Coming out the woods we hadn't done sufficient mileage so we went back in.

And ended up doing laps of the car park to get it up to 5 miles.

Mary insisted on a splash. I was not keen as I had things to do with the day and all that palaver trying to get socks on over damp sandy feet wasn't one of them. However...

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  1. lovely photos, I would really like to have that second house