Monday, 16 December 2013

Harrison Park Christmas Run

Gareth messaged to ask if I wanted a lift to the Harrison Park Christmas Run. Hadn't done it for a few weeks. How could I resist?

The dawn was very pretty - I had little time to admire it as I hurried a half breakfast. It's difficult to get breakfast right - too little and you will run out of steam before 16miles, too much and you'll see it again before 10.

There was a good turn out (22?) and those who didn't provide their own Santa hats were given one. There was no escape unless like Al you let the wind whip it off your head by running too fast.

I slowed at this point for the photo knowing I would have to leg it to catch up.

Santa's elves: Chloe stopped to re-tie a shoelace.
As a result Nicola and Chloe opted to be back markers.

I went from the tete de la course to the back of the peloton in one hill.

Strong winds blowing up near the Pentlands

Most opted for the 16 mile route.

 A few turned left for the 18 miler - I almost fell for this in a rush of blood to the head but was relieved I hadn't - especially as I heard the headwind was awful down that road.

After the downhill from Balerno I was dropped. So no-one else to take photos of - time for a selfie in the tunnel.

And across Lanark Rd.

I always struggle on the last couple of miles - I was pleased to keep faster than 7 minute miles - and this is what makes it great half marathon training - effectively running beyond the distance at tempo pace.

Managed not to get caught by the 18 milers.

Another breakfast afterwards in the Caley Sample Room.

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