Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Day

Mary drove us to North Berwick. Michael and I ran the beaches and trails to Aberlady while Mary took the road. 9miles vs 6.4 - we didn't expect to win.

MG set a good pace aware that I usually race this bit and recover on the return journey.

There was a very stiff headwind which seemed to get worse the further we went.

The low sun made for nice photos - not sure why this beach was so orange, that's how it came out the camera.

Lots of dogwalkers.

Aberlady beach - up at 8m/m down at 6m/m

I was surprised that we got to the bridge before Mary had past us. However the wind had slowed her down as well and she was chatting to some other runners.

Other runners

Instead of the usual coffee flask stashed in the tree there I had made Hot Grog - a mix of cheap whisky, quality port, honey and a couple of secret ingredients. The cheap whisky was Tesco's Everyday Value whisky. I was pleased it didn't have a strong taste as it's main task was intoxication rather than flavour. (Not a brilliant idea to identify the word Everyday with whisky mind you.)

Beach wind

It was great to catch up with Michael - here he is explaining the world to Mary I think.


We then went to my brother's family for a tremendous Christmas dinner and had a brilliant time.  

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