Saturday, 28 December 2013


Too much light in the door for a selfie.

that's better

If I ever get the definitive sunlight through the reeds I'll have to stop taking these pics. 

Teal I thought, but on reflection (and google's advice,) Widgeon.

This sort of thing is Common. Eider dat or murder.

Mary was wearing compression socks for the cold today. I threatened to only take knee-up shots.

The Sea Buckthorn is burgeoning. It has been called Heinz Beans bushes and when you see them in a pan that's not a silly idea

The wind was doing a good job of frothing the sea up - the foam was stranding on the high tide line and glistening in the sun in a hypnotic manner. Stills don't do it justice.

So how come the stranded sea in this bottle was also frothing up in a sympathetic manner.
(Had Mary booted it as she passed by?) 

That focus is entirely deliberate, oh yes.

Always a sad find, a large animal by the road.

drain covers for chickentown?

Google+ seems to be trying to get my attention. Yesterday they snowed up some photos (ok the one above of the end of the Eskapade is very good and they have just about won me over!) and today they are putting some photos of me into a here-are-your-best-bits 2013 movie I didn't ask for. Not sure where they got all those photos from, but they aren't the same ones facebook is using for their version. Edward Snowden could probably tell me. I just looked up how to spell his name correctly and notice he's posted a christmas message (linked from his name above.) I learned several things from this christmas message. He's lost weight since June. Also he reckons privacy is REALLY important. He totally fails to explain why, but says it allows us to be us. Wrong! A selfie is much better for that. I think he is trying to justify his actions, which were like doing a spoiler for a movie that's just come out, except the movie is the Western World and the film makers are not seeing the funny side of all this tittle-tattle. Man he's knee deep in it now. He's not keen on mass surveillance. I really don't mind it. If it catches a few religiously incontinent trouble makers then I am all for it. Hell if it catches someone not picking up their doggy poop it gets my vote. He says we have sensors in our pockets that track us everywhere we go. Well I don't - good luck getting a signal from my non-internet phone. I feel special now. It's just me and the Amish can walk anonymously through the streets luxuriating in our privacy. Meanwhile Edward is losing weight and looking a bit pouty. He never comes close to smiling in his christmas message. If he wants a regular spot at that gig he is going to have to turn up the charm. And if he dies accidentally anytime in the next five years - actually make that next fifty years - the conspiracy theorists will finally get to move on from the moon-landings, Diana and 9/11. Which will be a breath of fresh air. Hang on should we not have found out about those 3 conspiracies from all the stuff Mr Snowden disclosed or did he not have access to the really good stuff? If he wants a job on a gossip magazine (and who IS going to hire him after his last workplace boo-boo - does he just crank out his old cv and maybe score out the word LOYAL?) then he is going to need better material than just phone taps from Angela Merkel. I have an idea to help him find work. He can sign up to a looky-likey agency as himself (assuming he doesn't lose much more weight) then go along to raves and nightclubs with a whistle round his neck and... you know... blow it.

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