Friday, 2 August 2013

SoL reunion 2/08/13

An impressive amount of the run leaders from last year's Speed of Light show turned out for this first anniversary reunion. We had a bit of a jog around the stage - the back of the Crags - enjoying the evening sunshine which bathed the long grasses in a golden light. There were various attempts to engage in activities and actions from the show last year such as lighthousing and constellations. And don't tell Mikey but some strayed far too close to the edge of the crags. Where was Mikey? There is another chance later in the month for him to join the old gang as we have the official reunion around the 23rd I think. It was great to catch up with the run leaders and after the run meet Sandy in the pub who is 3 weeks away from delivering the first of a new generation of run leaders! Hurray!

doing a constellation without jogglers is just abuse

down the infamous B path

Actual Jelly Babies from last year's show.

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