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Friday Night, Saturday Morning, 23rd and 24th August

Close encounters

Angus - had a bright idea.

More SoL fun! Just like the queen having 2 birthdays the Speed of Light had 2 anniversaries. This time a bit more official (with NVA staff, though no hardware,) and a lot more Chrismassy Lighty. Normally I would avoid the C word especially in August but the impersonation light suits were quite impressive and could easily be mistaken by passing motorists for a scaled down re-run of last year's light fantastic. Myself I strapped on bike lights (front and rear) and a couple of headtorches. Others glowed gently with snowflake themes.

Top three photos thanks to Mike Lynch.

2 Cats and a Mike

After a lot of hanging around in car parks we set off up the hill with the walking staff doing their route and the runners doing ours. We then, after a few circuits of hub 3 (watching the Tattoo fireworks from the top of the crags) and Mexican wave on the A path, took the G route. Then climbed up to meet the walkers at the summit for photos, then a race down to the pub, which I think Angus won.

think of a number

Reports are that some only got home at 5am but being a lightweight these days I left after one pint and headed home for shortly after midnight. Great to catch up with the team again, and oh the nostalgia for photos with streaks of dotted lights on black backgrounds. It was like last year all over again.

What a team.


Perhaps the real reason I left the pub pretty early other than a long hard week at the coal face, was an early rise to get down the coast. Bruce had drawn our attention to a 0.4m low tide just after 10am (whatever that means) and we thought it would make the run along the beach from Aberlady good fun. It was brilliant.

Both the subs were out the water. Not even the water filled ripples could spoil the huge expanse of empty beaches under a soft and furry grey sky. The day was warm and the humidity high. It had been drizzling heavily on the drive to Aberlady and we had taken extra tops to ward off the misery but it stopped almost as soon as we got going and I was glad I opted for the good camera rather than the compact. I carried a poly bag to protect it from the light rain.

Jellyfish or cluster of spawn? Any ideas?

The tide was indeed far out. We were able to skirt round the lowest rock outcrops rather than climb up the paths at Gullane point. Towards the far side of Gullane beach there was a wire haired fox terrier and both Mary and I thought it was very like Horatio. I stopped to take a picture and who should pop out of the dunes looking for their dog but AGH and Lucy. It WAS Horatio. I think he might have accidentally earned those brownie points (for miraculously finding us) as he had apparently slipped off a couple of times after Amanda had given him a dressing down for biting a hole in her rain jacket.

With Amanda were Lucy and Richard, Harris and Kipper, and it was great to catch up. We stood there and chatted for ages before they went along the beach one way and we headed down towards Archerfields. 

The blue grass of Eyebroughy

With the tide being so far out we got out to the sand banks that lie beyond the rocks of the beaches. There is an expansive feeling here and when we turned the corner we noticed that Eyebroughy (as mentioned here before) was actually high and dry out the water. Never seen this before so we took the chance to run across the sand and up onto its craggy shoreline. This was where I suspected I heard seals singing the other week so I was interested to see what the other side (the dark side) of the rocky spit of land was like. Pretty much like the visible side actually though there was a strong blue tint to the grass growing between stagnant ponds of sea water. Lots of seabirds down the pointy West end but otherwise little of interest apart from the novel views of our familiar coast and trails from an unfamiliar vantage point. I took loads of photos while Mary made her way back to the Archerfields trails that lead back to the main road.

oh, deer

It took a brisk run to catch her and shortly after that we met Amanda again who had parked the dogs and run back to meet us. She ran with us to the van at Aberlady and then continued round the circuit to Gullane. A great day out (12miles) and we couldn't have timed it better if we had planned it.

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