Saturday, 31 August 2013

nb16 31/08/13

I was up too late last night. Mary woke me before 8am with a cup of tea which was a mixed blessing. I knew if I turned over and had that extra snooze I'd be running on my own, so preferring company I got up and we were parking at North Berwick before 10.30.

We ran the roads to Gullane where we had a Falko's coffee and a coop pastry. Then onto Aberlady and down to the beach. The wind was now behind us and the rest of the day was a delightful run back to North Berwick. Mary has a yoga injury: she was bitten on the back of the knee by a downward facing dog. Despite this she kept up a brisk pace. The bright weather was unexpected (the forecast had promised overcast and grey) and although there was a stiff wind whipping up the waves, it seemed to be smoothing out the sand. The people we passed were dressed for Autumn: the rose hips and berries were certainly out and the wind chill suggested the end of summer.

big yellow we saw on Wednesday?

other caterpillar tracks

How to get sand in your hair.

However it was a really lovely 16 miles and we ended up back at Ben and Alison's for cups of tea feeling buoyant and full of the joys. Ben invited me on his long run tomorrow morning shortly after dawn. As there are no trains at this hour that would have meant returning there tonight or cycling as the sun rose tomorrow. I did the sensible thing and decided to get that overdue long lie. The weather tomorrow is not going to be as good as today and if I keep this pace up I will fall to bits very soon. Maybe recharge more than just the camera batteries.

someone drop a contact lens?

the view from down under

the rare sand burrowing Gannet

Mary's perspective here

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