Wednesday, 28 August 2013

East Lothian Rocks

I admit it, I haven't been unduly burdened with work this week. My excuse was I was keeping some space free for running with our American friends. However they were elsewhere today so I caught up with AGH and we tried out a route I had mapped out a while back and hoped to run with Mary at some point. It was about 18 and based around Ben's 20 miler leaving N Berwick and following the JM Way to East Linton then over to Tyninghame (North of the Tyne) and back up the beaches to NB.

However I came across the route-map for the 12.7mile version starting and finishing in Seacliff, which seemed about right as Amanda had done a speed session yesterday. I did the Tuesday night intervals and was a bit distracted by someone chasing me round the first lap, and going past in the second. Which made me race the first 2 (4.13 and 4.12) leaving a lot to do, to make each one faster. I should know better. I half killed myself doing 4.12, 4.09 and 4.10 for the last 3 while the other chap had shot his wad by lap 2 and finished somewhere behind.

You can tell AGH would rather be running than made to stand in front of the green gate to contrast with / compliment her vermilian top

Unintentional Camera Movement but I like it.

Hadn't been this way before so the map was out every 5 mins.

That'll be the "Old Mansion House"

Now this sign is well meaning but very badly presented. It has North pointing upwards which is the norm, however north in real life relative to this sign is in the opposite direction meaning this sign is upside down as you look at it. ie it looks like you have to walk backwards while turning right, when in reality you must walk forwards and wheel left.

nice pond

Binning Wood: my father is buried here but that is a trip for another day. I was very impressed by the size and layout of the woods. I had noticed a circular hub on google maps and wanted to check it out.

at the centre of the circle

where the paths radiated out

Gormenghast where the Addams family live.

At last we met the coastal paths.

St Baldred's Cradle.
I was expecting Danny MacAskill to bounce his bike across this any second.

The last 3 or 4 miles is across the beaches from Tyninghame to Seacliff.
AGH was feeling the past 2 days in her legs but the scenery is outstanding.

"like contours on a map"

Where victorian vandals went out with masonary chisels and left their tags in a rather pleasing way.

lots of purple seaweed today

token dead thing

The harvest was going on today in a big way and several times we got stuck behind a combine.

The Garmin map from today - 13 miles run.

Since I had had a 30 minute cycle into the wind to get to Amanda's, I anticipated a tailwind home. Nope. The wind had changed and I got another 30 minutes into the wind.


  1. Great pics of my back yard Peter!

  2. Nice one Peter. The pics are great. Thanks again for coming out to play!

  3. Hey it was my pleasure Amanda: thank you for the lift there and back and for the amazing JAM which I am scoffing at every opportunity! It is fab - Mary is not going near it saying something about the devil's work because she is crazy in the coconut.