Monday, 16 July 2018

NB circuit on bikes

We can just about get the bikes in the back of the Berlingo without too much hassle. Seats folded down, no rack required. And sometimes it's better to start cycling somewhere pleasant (like North Berwick) than on those too-well-travelled exit roads of auld reekie. So we drove East and set off from N Berwick on another perfect day of Summer. I had been meaning to go to Cove and maybe have a swim in the sea there, but somewhere along the way this trip morphed into the NB circuit. 

I was trying to think ahead to the un-cycle-able parts of the route, but felt it was mostly do-able apart from Tyninghame beach.

first stop the toilets - didn't there used to be a mural over there?

gaelic signage?

MH on the JMW

damselflies next to Balgone curling ponds

painted lady

There was a wee bit of tricky ground after the turn off at stink farm and I could sense Mary wasn't convinced of my route choice, but by the time we had gone through Newbyth Wood and across the road into Binning Woods she had cheered up a bit.

speckled wood

Binning Woods

The rhododendron flowers were fading and it struck me I had missed the amazing spectacle of the Red Admirals (and speckled woods) congregating here around flowering time, which I caught last year. (Blog HERE) Dozens flying about in an avenue (above photo) between the trees. There were a few still about but not in large numbers.

From there we emerged near the Harvest Moon cabins and cycled down towards the beach taking the trail that runs parallel to the beach but on the other side of the dunes. About halfway along we got off the bikes and climbed up the dunes to enjoy the views from the Bass Rock at one end to nearly Dunbar at the other. 

female common blue

the concrete road laid by Tam of Tam bides here fame

When running this circuit these last 5 miles are tough. You have passed the best scenery and there is just the slog on the roads back into NB. On the bikes it is considerably easier though I seem to have a memory of complaints about hills and lethargy and the warmth of the day. At the top of the hill before Tantallon we went straight on rather than down and round as there is less traffic on those roads. At NB we went into Tescos and struggled to choose between so man ydelicious cold drinks and foods to eat. We were about to have a picnic directly outside but I insisted we return to the car as there were no benches and my legs don't fold in such a way as to allow for sitting on grass. All that fresh air does give you a right appetite though! Lovely day out in a great part of the world.

gannet central

 18.5 miles

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