Friday, 10 November 2017

unforgettable run I forgot

Just realised I forgot to blog last Sunday. Like the Rum Run the day before, the weather was fabulous - a low sun and almost entirely cloudless skies. The low level hangover from all day low level drinks the day prior mostly arrived the night before although Mary reported I was a bit cranky at the edges. Quicker to snap a reply than usual. She was feeling like a longer run, and so we did 11+ miles making a pleasing 44 for the weekend. Much of the same ground was covered but the photos are worth posting.

2 of those egrets were hanging about again
like white butterflies they have a tendency to overexpose

there is something magical about the fibreglass "window" in the Aberlady toilets;
it looks like a sepia'd image from the past with great texture.

the full moon had been sucking the water further up the dunes than usual

the gulls and waders were all collected up the west end of the shoreline

I was slowly moving in for close-ups

The sanderlings would hop sideways on a single leg (as above) reluctant to be disturbed, and looked so cute and pathetic making such small evasions down the beach that I relented and stopped approaching before they ran out of beach and had to take off.

the unusually high tide left little beach to run on

kestrel and crow

the orange corridor

I think that boat is being left as an installation

We left the coast before Fidra and headed in though Archerfields for a traditional tempo run up the last mile on the main road. 6.20 pace which is not bad given the climb into Gullane. 

The art gallery has an exhibition of JoLoMo currently but judging by the ones 
in the windows he is not producing anything of note these days.

Mary always says, when there is a spectacle out the car windscreen, should I not be taking photos. And I always reply that it is not worth it as they come out shite. So I was pleased and surprised that this shot of the sun behind the Pentlands came out so well. The ones before and after were shite but this: obvs got lucky. 

11 miles

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