Monday, 20 November 2017

sat high

A mixed week. Work busy, but a nice job which makes the day whiz by but leaves little energy for after school running. Feeling guilty about lack of Weds evening run I got out to Thurs Wintervals and tried not to overdo it (as big race Sunday). Then overdid it. Quads felt a bit trashed for next few days. Meanwhile 2 photos were taken on the way to the car on Saturday; 1/ the berries in Iona St which are sufficiently high to avoid the attentions of the drunk through-traffic. And 2/ isn't it sad when a favourite horse breaks it's leg and has to be put down?

A new pair of Cliftons arrived for Mary to suit her Lemon soul. The postie dropped them off just as we were leaving so she got to road test them on the Gullane run. The weather was just perfect!

I can't resist the allure of these backlit rushes.

or Marl Loch with the sun bouncing off it

the usual suspects

another letter (R) bites the dust
I found it on the ground and placed it behind the sign along with the last E
Just 3 to go!

Mary spotted this happening in the sky so I nicked it

It was a glorious day and I really wanted to do a few more miles but the coach insisted we leave those miles in the bank for tomorrow's 40mile race. And she's not even doing it. I reluctantly agreed although I don't think another 5 would have made the slightest difference. Beautiful day out and the second last day of this period of high pressure blue skies and sunshine. Chilly though!

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