Sunday, 12 November 2017

friday fun

Since Mary was otherwise engaged for the weekend (meditation and knife-throwing workshop) we brought Saturday forward to Friday and went for a 13 miler down at Gullane. Coffee and jammy scones from the Gannet Deli, about £3 less than Village Coffee House, and slightly better scones. The sun was shining but there was a cold snap in the air and I wore a winter hat and gloves. It must have been the wind as the ground wasn't frosty.

While I do enjoy the sun at this time of the year, long shadows and perpetual sunset, the lack of wildlife makes the place feel barren and deserted.


reservoir ducks

Some of the other folk about (and there weren't many) were dressed like they were visiting the Antarctic. Look there's a penguin says I as a little stout thing wearing an entire winter wardrobe waddled down the beach.

all that sunshine making Mary's tail wag

that boat again
running out of different angles from which to take photos

Mary noticed the tide was low enough to sustain a run further down the beach than usual. It was totally magic, although difficult to say why. Last time we went low tide here it was not particularly special; maybe too strong a wind blowing, or rippled sand underfoot. But this time, just a wonderful sense of spaciousness and freedom. Note wander 'into the sea' on the map at the bottom.

these looked like beech leaves leading to homophonous banter

funfair mirrors at Yellowcraigs toilet.
I was having such entertainment I forgot to use the facilities.

obliging fence at Dirleton

sun and street light

sky out car window on return home

Great run. Nice that Mary was feeling full of beans and wanting to go further than usual 6 or 7miles. Weather and low tide sandscapes made it brilliant. Just over 13miles.

including wander into sea

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