Wednesday, 21 December 2016

winter blows in

I tried to make my run fit into the sunny weather window the bbc suggested was happening at 3 today. I was sort of dragging my feet around the house then noticed the sun was out and thought if I don't get out pronto I'll have to go to club tonight. Since overdoing it at the weekend my right quad has been damaged. I managed 12 miles on Sunday and 5 Monday but it was a bit sore and made cycling painful. Of course rest is the answer. So I compromised and went out about 3pm rather than club which almost always gets competitive.

weather window

Well the bbc got it nearly right. Halfway up Arthur's Seat around 3.20 the dark clouds moved in blotting out the blue skies and I regretted not carrying a poly-bag for the camera. I was about to get a soaking. You could see the low clouds stomping across the city from the West enveloping Corstorphine and then the Castle. I was up around the summit as they arrived and unleashed a painful wind-driven hail. You couldn't face it directly and I began to descend as my hands were freezing. I only had fleece gloves and they were getting wet. 

Then, as dramatically as it arrived, it cruised by. There was a glimpse of blue sky again and then you could see the trailing edge of the clouds. I initially descended round the Portobello side of the Seat and was pleased to catch the back of the storm clouds as they galloped down the Forth. There was more on the way though and my hands were now going numb. I swapped hands carrying the camera but they got really cold and were painful thawing out under warm water when I got home. I had planned more miles but the quad did not enjoy the hills (no wintervals tomorrow if I've got any sense) and I was cold from standing around admiring the passing storm.

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