Monday, 26 December 2016

boxing day

Good to see some snow on the Seat. Not liking the wind quite so much but the high energy weather makes it a laugh and a battle and Mary and I were in pretty good spirits even though it was mainly a bit grey today. The weather was turning over quickly so if the sun was out, in ten minutes it was hidden behind the dark grey snow clouds. I carried a poly bag for the camera and it spent half the run in the bag, sleet and rain battering off the polythene.

Mary selfie (us-ie)

We timed the summiting of A Seat badly. There were a couple of other folk there and it seemed ok until some gusts blew in at such a rate we had to crouch. I was pretty much swept along, and had I not moved I would have been knocked over. I shot some video because still photos don't really give an idea. You can't hear what I'm shouting - probably just as well - as the wind is howling louder than I am. I signalled to Mary to descend by the side I was on but she was reluctant to - it was the direction from which the wind was coming. So she went down by the North side (and I followed) which was slippy with snow and slush. As we were descending and making our way home the sun came out again a bit but it wasn't what you'd call balmy.

Mary has similar images and more and a few choice descriptions of the holiday season, largely at my expense, here. I should take some of what she says with a pinch of. For instance on the way home today I ran (without Mary) down to Tesco Duke St because last night's sprouts (only 39p a bag) were terrific and Sainsbury's and Scotmid didn't have any. She makes out I don't allow them in the house. While all the time she knows it's just a little form she has to fill in 2 days prior.

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