Sunday, 4 December 2016

Water of Leith Half 2016 results

traditional start line photo

Now these are the results in order of folk crossing the line. Somewhat confusing because we have early bird starters who set off 30mins before the official 10am start. (Their times are over the 2 hrs) At 10am runners are set off according to their handicap. A prize (a bottle of whisky) was awarded to the first (non early bird) across the line, Simon, and another (a bottle of champagne) to the first (non early bird) of the opposite sex, Lana. Also a team prize was awarded to team "Lucky Pierre", 3 of Carnethy's finest who just stayed ahead of 3 of Dunbar's finest. 

Many thanks to Richard who worked all of this out using paper and pen; quicker than it has ever been worked out using laptops and heavy industry. If I hadn't been in the pub it might even have been posted yesterday, but needs must. Let me know if anyone's details are incorrect or your names are spelled wrongly etc. Apologies for the missing seconds of the early runners - the first 4 runners appeared before we anticipated them appearing (and Johnny and Yana hadn't arrived yet) and I just hurriedly noted the time without seconds. Yana may have copied this approach for the next few runners.

Judith White        2:06
Jim Alexander        2:15
Jim Salvage        2:17
Mags Turnbull        2:17
Simon Axon        1:46  (race winner)
Marion Clark        2:21
Susan Graham    2:21
Ronnie Sloan        2:23
Andy Whitlie        1:32
Angus Thomson    1:28
Lana Turnbull        1:39 (first lady)
Dave Marshall        2:27
Graham Nash        1:21
Lyndsay Winton        1:44
David Limmer        1:17.53 (fastest)
Alex McVey            1:22
Jim Hardie            1:25
Douglas Rodden        1:59:43
Neil Jones                1:47:26
Seona Burnett            1:47:30
Stuart Hay                1:23:36
Anne Hay            1:54:48
Nick Williamson    1:23:56
Shona Young        1:43:00 (closest to handicap)
Susan Cederstrom    1:55:23
Alan Salvage        1:50:30
Hazel Small            1:51:34
Anthony Hemmings        1:30:37
Paul Young            1:36:54
Philippa Ivison        1:50:28
Sarah Healy        1:51:45
Graeme Sproule    1:5:45
Chris Henty        1:32:06
Mark Gordon        1:26:13
Martin Caldwell    1:36:15
Derek Small        1:26:30
Gordon Cameron    1:36:30
Euan McInnes        1:26:34
Andy Landsburgh    1:36:59
Alan Yardley        1:47:59
Ruth Paterson        1:48:16
Barbara Livingston    1:48:16
Patrick Leask        1:52:22
Alistair Ross        1:56:28
Roddy McRae        1:38:33
Maja Betz        1:37:42
Andrew Robertson    1:39:09
Caroline Fraser        2:02:45
Stewart Roxbugh        2:02:49
Andy Whitmey        1:33:32
Steve Best        1:32:11
Kate Fraser        1:56:36
Keiran Morgan        1:52:47
Duncan Robertson    1:50:57
Kevin Rutherford        1:52:00
Allan Napier            2:04:53
Louise Provan        1:57:44
Neil Anderson        1:53:44 (late kick off, prob ran 1:44ish!)
Julie Ellis            2:23:28 (early kick off)
Heather Donald    2:23:32 (early kick off)
Peter Ritchie        2:19:00 (ran the furthest)

Winner Simon 

Spot prizes were also awarded for Shona Y being bang on her handicap. There wasn't a prize for who was furthest from their anticipated time but we did celebrate our most senior runner Ronnie, who probably had the most serious injury when he whacked his hand off something, bruising and perhaps dislocating a finger. As ever the catering was much praised as the highlight of the event. Thanks to all who came along, I will write a retiral speech and post more photos in the next blog, and I may even go some way to explain the nickname Lucky Pierre.

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