Tuesday, 21 June 2016

parks and recreation

Is that the summer over? Already? I don't think so but it was certainly a bit of a drizzly interlude on Saturday, so we went to Inverleith Park and did some laps followed by a walk back through the Botanics. Inverleith Park was a childhood haunt being at the opposite end of Carrington Rd from where we lived as kids. And it makes a good mile and half square to run around. Mary has devised some loop round the exterior on the pavement before tackling the interior of the park. We did some strides - 100 tempo pace steps - before regrouping. 

Saw this scene of domestic bliss - a wee one had fallen and was howling and the other wee one, jealous of the attention, was joining in the cats choir. Terrible racket! For those of us without kids it was difficult to run past without laughing.

Not that much in way of miles but the weather was a bit shit so we just went for a nice walk through the Botanics on the way home. I expected to be reprimanded for wearing running gear - they are VERY keen you don't run in there, which is a shame as is it beautiful. But nobody said anything. If I'd known Mary's plan I would have brought nuts/bread to lure out the pigeons and squirrels but it was too cold to hang around in damp running kit so probably just as well.

The pond was looking great

But we had to duck underneath these large umbrellas to keep dry during a short but intense downpour.

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