Wednesday, 8 June 2016

dash and splash

By way of a recovery run we decided to have a run and swim at Gullane on Sunday. Nick was up for it as well and we thought Mary's other wetsuit might just about fit him. We arranged to meet at Falko's. 

I felt a bit guilty about not helping out at the Porty beach race. Nick had gone along as he had to drop off his son in Edinburgh. All the feedback has been really positive and the glorious weather certainly added to that success. I had noticed there were lots of helpers and bakers so decided to I wouldn't be missed and saved my energies for a long run I planned for Monday. Bad form I know but great to see PRC putting on a popular event so well.

Red vs Green
I was pleased when Mary ran on the starboard side and Nick, port.

loving this gull kite

The downside of the sun coming out is the crowds on the beach. (You can tell I'm a people person?) Knowing Mary's preference to swim at the nearest point to the car park with complete disregard to the surroundings, I was worried we would be made to hunker down with the squawking kids and dogs, however I think even Mary saw the value of walking half a mile round the point to where we would have a swimming bay to ourselves.

ahh that's better

And you get a dry relatively sand-free rock locker to stash your stuff.

Mary's other wetsuit is her slightly thinner summer one and had plenty stretch in it to accommodate Nick! Forgot to take the thermometer to measure the water but I'd imagine it was climbing towards double figures. Nick appreciated the benefit (and buoyancy) of the wetsuit and we bobbed around for a decent amount of time without bothering too much about proper swimming. I should really be getting some lengths in as Toby has plans for some longer swim adventures. Since Nick was using my winter gloves - they are overkill at this time of the year and make working the camera near impossible - I was wearing my summer ones and they felt fine. The water flushes through a lot more but they have webbing between the fingers (Man-from-Atlantis style) and I try to remember to swim with splayed fingers to get the benefit.

Lovely low key day. Nice easy run (lots of quality chatting thanks to Mr Falko!) and great to get in the water - it always gives me a buzz afterwards. I think it might be the body responding to immersion in a completely foreign environment, but I always feel very hungry and sleepy later on. And spectacular weather for it - bright blue skies but enough of a breeze to avoid overheating - a perfect day out!

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(When 3 blogs go to war, 2 is all that you can score?)

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