Tuesday, 10 May 2016

tell it to the birds

I had plans to leave work early and make the most of the weather. Head to Dalmeny Estate on the bike and do a medium distance run along the foreshore. But I was just too weary. I think some of E2NB was still rattling around my head. My legs felt fine but I feel tired. I eventually settled on a jog up to Holyrood. Lots of wildlife around basking in the sunshine and I enjoyed stopping lots and taking pics. I believe this might be the last of the nice weather. Oh well, back to work. Meanwhile...

invictus gull

I noticed a great tit(?) coming out this hole in the tree. Then back in about 40 secs later. Both parents were in and out feeding a nest of young no doubt. I got a photo of the cock-bird with a worm in his mouth having a look at me on the way in. I am busy working up a description with the words cock and tit and hole in the same sentence.

Possibly the stupidest bird in Holyrood if not the world, there have been pheasants shuffling around the park for a few years now, pretending to be native and undomesticated. However if you approach them with bread they will practically take it out your hand. This one looked a bit ragged in places like it might have been fighting the swans for hand-outs. I think they survive on the charity of foodbanks and whoring around in their glamorous plummage.

scrutinising the handout to see if it comes up to snuff

robot ducks

mr. crow

While on the summit a mother and daughter from the Netherlands asked me if I would take their picture and handed me their camera. I realised it was a Panasonic and possibly the model I am currently saving up for. I took their photo and handed the camera back without even checking the model. Best not.

good duck bad photo
but I like tufted ducks so much it made the cut.

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