Sunday, 8 May 2016

sea pinks

And then the sun came out. By the time we got to Gullane it was about 4pm. A slow start to the day and a slow start to the run but the lovely light was restorative and after a bun and coffee from Falko's we did the usual 6 miler in reverse. That way the wind would be to our backs down the beach and along to Aberlady. It was a gentle run with a lot of stopping, mucking about and laughing. And felt like the summer might be about to arrive. 

What with the warmth and hazy sunshine
 you could almost mistake this for the Med.

Mary went to great lengths to entertain me.
This was her first attempt at wet feet.

a little too windy for all but the hardiest of butterflies

I noticed this superb flask last time I was here.
It has a world map of a different world painted on the side.

Next attempt at wet feet and slightly more successful.

FAB run, spirits restored!

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