Saturday, 28 May 2016

airport run

Looking at the forecast for this weekend the good weather was on Sunday, less good today. So it would make sense to do the longer run tomorrow somewhere nice like the Lammermuirs. This was a loose plan until M flipped and said she was doing a 20 mile road run today to Musselburgh and along Granton. And early, before the sun comes out. I sat indoors righteously in the huff as she headed out to spoil the weekend. Then the sun came out and I thought I suppose I could belt out a few narsty road miles and it would be good training for that why-have-we-signed-up-for-a road marathon in July.

I considered what might be the nearest to something bearable and chose the airport route. I have been royally spoilt the last few weekends with the result that I can't be bothered doing a hard grind of a run that doesn't have scenery and wildlife to snap. At least the sun came out as I tried to keep the pace going on the cyclepath.

hello peloton 


The riverside paths by the Almond are a relief from the road miles. There were a few muddy puddles but nothing you couldn't get around. Lots of wildflowers out. The pace dropped horribly though as I got distracted and slowed to take photos.

Looking back down the river I could see a couple of strange looking things. I thought maybe exotic birds or swimming weasels and took a photo. Later at home I see it was just a couple of mallards bobbing for weeds.

After doing the square at the airport I ran back the way I'd come. There is a spot just below the rapids, a flat area with trees where it is nice. Unfortunately I'm not the only one to have noticed this and as a result people have pretty much spoiled it with litter. I'm thinking young people but I could be wrong. But it looks like a young person's space where they have failed to tidy up. Empty bottle of vodka, pair of socks, litter, pair of trunks. You get the same thing happening on the outskirts of the Pentlands. Young people have no place of their own so they go outdoors to get away from parents etc. But leave the place looking like a tip. It certainly spoiled that area for me. 



The Salvesen Steps are currently barriered off and there is a notice saying not to use them as they are unsafe. 

I nearly ran past the weir thinking I always take a photo and it's never that good or different from the last one. Then I saw this shrub growing in front and thought oh well. Actually the light on the falling water was rather nice today and I was glad I stopped. Just after the weir I bumped into Mary. I had thought she would have been past an hour ago and the first thought I had popped out before I could stop it. "Did you stop for a coffee?" When she replied no* I realised my comment was unsupportive and hurtful. Now I'm done for. I shouted that I'd see her at home. She said she only had 2 miles to go. I thought we would stop for a chat but I suppose with only 2 miles to go....
* in fact Mary had stopped for a coffee, right at the off, when she was buying snacks at the Scotmid across the road.

When I got onto the esplanade I realised Mary had taken the right direction along it. There was a good stiff breeze and I had to really step on it to keep the pace going. At least it was a distraction. I was hurting by now and wondering about the sense in signing up for a road marathon. The miles before the off road stuff were reasonable as was the pace for the last few miles - the middle section was slow-ish and probably because I was taking photos and enjoying not hurrying. I passed David F powering onto the Silverknowes end of the prom but he was focussed and didn't see me 10 yards away taking his photo. Well I was trying to take his photo but sometimes when running, my finger touches other dials and the camera says Hey you want to change the white balance well that's great! and won't take a photo until I address that setting. Sort of thing that makes bad words come out my mouth. By the time I had sorted that there was only a view of David's back.

I made an effort to push the pace for the last few miles and it was horrible! The wind tunnel training was useful for Orkney, although Mary is of the opinion that the wind will/could be favourable. I am not. We are running West. Once off the foreshore things improved. The pace came down to an average somewhere between 7.30 and 8. Not great. I saw a friend was offering a free place for tomorrow's marathon on facebook. Very glad I didn't jump. Still some more training required. I was actually home before Mary as she was sat on a slow 41 from Barnton. The best thing about today's run was it got some training done and afterwards Mary cooked a big plate of black pudding, egg and beans.

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