Saturday, 5 December 2015

watery Leith

I have to admit to feeling a bit shamed by the 7 runners who turned up to Wintervals on Thursday. I didn't. I looked out the window to see rain lashing off the ponds forming in the street and thought "F--- that". I heard there were 7 less cowardly specimens attended. So on Friday when I don't always run I felt I better get some miles in and headed up to Holyrood where it was still pretty grey and very windy. I didn't even take a camera, it was that bad. I plugged in the mp3 player and it did well to remove me from the grey and drab scenery and I managed towards 90mins of hills and roads.

Nicked Mary's pic out the window

Saturday was no more inspiring and I was fairly sure there was nothing to warrant a trip outdoors. The forecast was rain all day. I may as well stay inside. However events persuaded me otherwise. The first was a photo Hilary H had taken of flooded riverside paths. Hilary's photo was of the North Esk washing up and over the path but it made me want to go visit the Water of Leith to see if it was doing similar. Last week was the Water of Leith Half. However the original plan was to hold the event this weekend. That was going to suit the caterers more and they are the number one consideration. However Richard and Jim were both busy this weekend but both could manage last weekend. So I checked with the caterers and changed the date on the entry form back a week. THANK GOODNESS. Because today would have been BAD NEWS. I realised I had dodged a bullet big style and felt good. In fact excellent. Buoyed up by this good fortune I decided to put on some warm clothes and go for a run up to the Dean Village and see what the river was doing. 

The route goes under the bridge and left. This was knee deep by 4pm.

This was the path beside the weir.

The metal steps were running with water

I was so pleased to have sidestepped disaster I even took some photos of the lights on the tree in Stockbridge. (They were not heart shaped I just got lucky with more Intentional Camera Movement.)

Went past B&Q to pick up some work stuff. This window is nearby.

Here is a video of how high the water was and disaster (at the WoL Half) averted!

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