Tuesday, 8 December 2015

dark seat 2

I am not doing the Marcothon. However one very good thing about said Marcothon is it gets you out the door. This is the hardest part of December. Unless it's pelting down as you're about to step out. That stopped me in my tracks last week. Today it took quite a bit of getting-stuff-together (shopping list for way home) and dodging the downpour around 3ish. But I baulked at taking the mp3 player. It has to be desperate for that. I did take the camera although by that time of day it would have to be the bigger camera for decent results. But here are the best I could get with the smaller camera. Maybe I can retro-justify my stops for breath by posting the photos I was taking. Maybe not. Legs felt good.

Not sure why these people are here, haven't we done that vote?

Now I'm glad
a/ I didn't bring the bigger camera
b/ I had the good sense to bring a waterproof hat for the wee camera

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