Monday, 28 December 2015

2 hills no Princes

Back to the gloomy weather and a gallop round Holyrood. Not much to report other than the summit was far too busy with hungover xmas zombies - don't they know this a runners track and mooching about taking selfies isn't required? Perhaps if it had been a bit colder it would have dissuaded the moochers. I was halfway up the Seat regretting a second layer and Mary following behind was stripping off. Low murky cloud did not make for great photos but once you got going it was pleasant enough for 90mins out and about.

far too busy!

Then, after a summit and run about on Whinny Hill we dropped down to Dunsapie and followed the road clockwise. Who's that old bugger up ahead, why it's Willie M, PRC's international star. Good to see him putting in a few training miles. And to hear he reads our blogs - better be polite!

And then as we cautiously descended Salisbury Hill below the crags, (a lot of standing water) we meet Lynn H doing hill reps. Before going for a swim later. Impressive! Did we hang around and chum her up and down the hill 15 times? Did we hell! We went home for lunch. One of the benefits of defrosting the freezer is the homemade pizzas discovered deep in the permafrost yesterday which now HAVE to be eaten. YES! They were excellent. Oh and by the way the freezer is now working perfectly again.

But first a quick romp over Calton Hill. Again quite a lot of xmas moochers shuffling about in the grey, passing time till they can start drinking tonight. And they have fenced off lots of the hill in preparation for the Hogmany bunfight. There is a long view down Princes St from Calton Hill and I took a couple of photos. But as I was cropping and tweaking them I thought am I really going to post a photo of the street of shame. No I am not: hardly a decent building on it, lots of christmas drivel, lots of overpriced tacky shops and the icing on that particular turd-cake: the TRAMS. I have still never been on a Tram as they represent about a billion pounds wasted on a system that isn't as good as a couple of the routes the buses more than adequately cover already. So, no I won't be putting up pics of Princes St. Instead have a picture of one of the buildings on Calton Hill and it's exquisite roof, a thing of great beauty.

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