Friday, 11 September 2015

ten mile burn

Mike has been cranking up the training. He has to be strong to carry his cx bike over the 3 peaks race and he wants to get run-fit for the Skyline. Thursday evening's plan was to catch a bus to Nine Mile Burn and run back to the Kips then over the first half of the Skyline. The weather was set fine and it sounded so good, that I went along. Mary was also interested but as her work only finished 5 mins after we caught the 5.25pm 101 from the Bus Station, she had to adjust her run plans. (Unusually she took the car to work and then drove round the bypass to Hillend, where she did the start of the Skyline before meeting us.)

We got off the bus about 6.15

looking west

West Kip and onto the Skyline route which we did in reverse

the view across to Black Hill

The pace was steady to brisk - more than enough to put a sheen on your face

photo: Mike

It was a glorious evening - I'm surprised we didn't pass more folk out enjoying it. 
These 2 had pushed their bikes up Scald Law.

photo: Mike

I had hoped these new Hoka Speedgoats might be suitable for the 2 Breweries. This was them straight out the box and although they were good they need a bit more breaking in before I could do a long hilly race in them. My toes felt a bit shredded after the longer descents and I was wishing I had worn my Inov8s.

After we came off Turnhouse it was getting too dark for photos. We followed the Skyline route up past the firing range and just before we crossed the road towards Castlelaw, Mary phoned. She had been held up in traffic round the bypass and had only just summited Allermuir. We decided to miss Castlelaw and stick to the red gravel path and Mary would run down the same. We met just as I was saying to Mike that I thought Mary would be round the next corner. We all ran back over Allermuir and Caerketton to Mary's van at the bottom car park, Hillend. Something over 10 miles and around 2 hrs for Mike and I. We were fortunate that Mary had been delayed otherwise she might have been finished long before we got there. It was great to get chauffeured home rather than catch a bus or run home on toes that were complaining about the new shoes. Great use of a school night, and near perfect weather for it. We did carry headtorches but just got away without having to put them on. 

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