Wednesday, 9 September 2015

happy monday

Monday, and I was able to take time off work to sort out blogs from the weekend. Nick W predicted I'd go out running and end up with more to blog. He was right. The weather forecast was wrong again and the high pressure made some more great weather for a run round Holyrood Park. Mary led us up and down the hills there starting with a jog up the Rad Rd which I haven't done for a while. We also bumped into Gordon C who was out with the Monday lunchtime handicappers. Every Monday they meet for a tour of the summits of Holyrood and first Monday of the month is a handicap race round the same. I admit to never having the requisite courage on a Monday lunchtime to go racing, and take my hat off to those who do. I can only imagine that Monday afternoons are not the most productive as racers return to slump over their workstations.



We were out for nearly a couple of hours and although shorter than yesterday's trip to the Lammermuirs, Mary's Garmin suggested we did the same amount of ascent. This I can believe as we covered most of the large climbs: Rad Rd, round back up to summit, Whinny Hill (over and back) down the Dry Dam and up over the Crags

handicapper dropping down towards St Athony's Chapel

from the Crags

Okay here is some brain stimulation. No prizes unless anyone really amuses me with answers.
1/ Dog pictured below (as we were leaving Holyrood) What breed is this? For an extra 2 points what is the name of this particular dog?!
2/ What 1996 album cover featured such a dog (jumping). Artist and album title please.

3/ What building is the following right outside?

4/ What will I be collecting, almost against my will, in the next few weeks?

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  1. He's a Komondor. I have no idea what he's called but let's go for... Mop?

    One appears on the cover of Beck's album Odelay.

    You'll be collecting conkers, but I don't know the building!