Sunday, 13 September 2015


Several impulses merged into a general pull-your-socks-up approach and almost without meaning to I started running every day. No real reason you could hold up and say "it was because I was getting fat" or "the xc season starts here." Anyway I almost blew it on Friday evening and really had to force myself out the door since 49% or more of me was shouting "I can't be bothered." Nice sky but since I didn't travel very far (4 miles max) nowhere very edifying from where to view it.

Next day and happily Mary came along (or vice versa) and we had a fun chatty time running round Holyrood. Not the best weather - a continual threat of rain - so no adventures today, but a few fun miles together.

(Mary's photo and joke; blog here.)

Mary took this photo like she was swatting a fly. 
No way that will come out, says I, wrong again.

2 Buchanans

sometime later, Roy descending, us ascending

highest person in Edinburgh

autumn has started

We bumped into Michael in Holyrood and arranged for a run on Sunday - pretty much the usual 6 miler which became about 8.

We were so busy chatting I didn't really notice the run much. Nice though; soft weather, never far away from light drizzle or light sunshine but never settling in to either. MG is Edinburgh up in the high court. He has finally been caught! (By jury service.) Mary was firing on all cylinders today and we weren't sure if it was the good sleep last night, the Falko's coffee, or just good company! Not that she was going in the water. Michael does like to finish a run with a splash. I pretended to go in as well but using a bandaged thumb (don't ask) as an excuse to avoid complete submersion, I kept my hair dry. 

dry thumb

Here are the answers to last Monday's quiz. Thank you to BOTH people who rose to the challenge: wow that was some mail bag. 1/ The shaggy dog breed was the Hungarian Komondor which I had never come across before I met Rasta Ralph (though I preferred Fiona's guess "Mop"), except as album cover dog on 2/ Beck's Odelay. 3/ Surprised Mike didn't recognise the glass light cover set into the pavement in front of the Queen's Gallery. 4/ Almost against my will I will be collecting (not my pension, but) conkers.
Due to popularity I think this will become a regular feature.

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